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Crunching The Numbers

Whether you love it or hate it, crunching numbers is a necessity if you want to grow a thriving business. No matter how strong your customer service is, if you are not looking at the critical metrics that tell your restaurant’s income statement, chances are, you will struggle. Teach your employees how little you make as a business before you teach them how to sell more. Your crew members believe that founders and CEOs are making a fortune. They think if a customer paid KD 5 that most of that is profit.

Crunching number is a vital part of not only determining the health of your restaurant, but predicting future outcomes. Strong managers know these numbers and understand how they are calculated. They may get help from others around them, but they are savvy enough to be able to determine these numbers on their own.

Here are nine tips to help you crunch:

  1. Sell items that are profitable.

  2. Spend like you own it.

  3. Set a S.M.A.R.T control plan on food, beverage, disposable, chemicals etc.

  4. Adhere to recipe & portion control.

  5. Conduct daily inventory on hot items (proteins, high cost items).

  6. Back doors, dry storage, walk-ins locked.

  7. Optimize labor cost & overtime.

  8. Order it well; receive it well, store it well, make it to recipe, serve it hot.

  9. Don’t spend KD 100 on a KD 5 problem.

Cost control is not cost cutting”

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