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How To Provide Great Delivery Experience

Implement the below-mentioned points to smoothen your restaurant delivery service:

  1. Accept orders as soon they pop on device or aggregator dashboard.

  2. Give special attention to add-ons and ensure you tag on packaging.

  3. Care should be taken that food doesn’t spill and get messed in the containers.

  4. Ensure drivers are instructed to handle beverages properly to avoid spillage.

  5. Ensure drivers are carrying heat insulated bags to maintain temperature.

  6. If you’re dispatched delivery will be late, it’s always nice to communicate with the guest. In most cases they’ll be able to track their delivery online.

  7. Always monitor online reviews and ensure customers with negative reviews are contacted and a solution is offered to win them back.

  8. Delivery apps rating are dependent on various factors, it’s important to monitor those factors that are within your reach such as, prep time, assign & dispatch, food temperature & product packaging.

  9. Establish great relations with third-party delivery drivers such as TalabatGo and Deliveroo.

  10. Establish great relations with outsourced drivers such as Flick & Armada, such relations can expedite orders delivery.

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