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Jumpstart! Plan & Execute

Have you ever wondered how soccer coaches gather their teams before a big game? They start quiet, with a few simple reminders about the game plan. Then, they slowly increase the tone of their speeches until players begin to jump up and down with unrestrained excitement. Before you know it, the players are almost frothing at the prospect of lining up against their opponents. The best pre-game speeches come from soccer head coaches who know how to mix in a little psychology, with healthy doses of clear communication and unbridled passion.

I am not advocating the same type of speech for restaurant managers, who have the unenviable task of running two to three pre-shifts per day. That translates to 720 pre-shifts every year. Imagine a soccer game where there was no game plan, no shared goals or roles. Well the shift is a restaurant daily game. It’s where you make or lose money in real time. And quite simply put, if you don’t run the shift the shift will run you. And if you don’t share goals with your team members before every shift, your team members will presume you don’t have any particular goals. Not a good way to put energy to your team and generate revenue. One of the cornerstones of successful restaurant training is a well-run pre-shiftmeeting. These meetings are your opportunity to educate, motivate, and unite your team members immediately before they serve customers. Integrate the five principles to efficient pre-shift meetings into your guidelines of how to run a restaurant and watch your bottom line improve!

Recognizing that pre-shift meetings are mutually valuable to the parties in establishing and maintaining a more orderly, disciplined and secure work environment. The purpose of such meetings shall be to make job assignments, to impart information about events and incidents occurring during the preceding two shifts, to make adjustments in schedules,