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The S.W.A.R.M Manager

I usually define that as the (Smart, Welcoming, Attainable, Resilient, Maneuverable), this is a good rule for managers who want to improve guest service within their team or restaurant. If you want your operations to thrive in a competitive environment, you need to make sure things are improving on the go in-and-out. I learned throughout my career that you can never only improve things by yourself, but you can move bigger objects if you spread the positive behavior and intentions to everyone in your team. Pause for a while and imagine what a great service you could be delivering if everyone in your clan was in the habit of gathering and spreading good ideas to improve productivity and performance.

For those who want to continually improve the service their team deliver, it is an ongoing responsibility. This requires daily commitment, stamina, pace and intensity. The longer I spent in top positions, the more I came to think that my main duty was to connect with as many employees as I could and offer up as many ideas as possible about how to things from good to better and best. Sometimes my suggestions were spot-on; other times they were way off the mark. But either way, the conversation stimulated fresh thinking, promoted questioning, and inspired everyone around me to come up with better ways to do things.

As you ping around, don’t just tell people what’s wrong with the status quo. Faultfinding is unhelpful if your aim is to spread the habit of creative thinking. Instead, focus on how things might be better. But don’t just flat-out tell people