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A fresh approach to some common quick-service ailments: suggestive selling and the pre-shift huddle. Instead of forcing a program, each day the duty managers "select their contest" from a list of contests and review the focus with their employees. Not only does it create variety each shift, it forces the managers to take the lead and spend some quality time with teaching and leading their employees.

As I often say, "if you want to change the Guest experience, you have to radically alter the employee experience." How can you significantly enhance the employee environment so it will translate into improved Guest satisfaction?

Training & Coaching.

When operators think of employee training and its effectiveness, we often only focus on the initial phase -- the first few days to a week of employment, or the pre-opening period of a new unit. If you surveyed your Guests about their thoughts on employee training, they would base it solely on how their service and food was during the visit.

Too often, managers feel like "we have good training"-- but how good is the service? Companies send in expert opening teams to assist with store openings, but three months